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rfesi - “Rust for ESI”

ESI bindings in Rust for EVE Online.

This crate provides helpful utilities and bindings for interacting with ESI, including the SSO auth flow and making public and authenticated calls to ESI without having to deal with JSON yourself.

To make an EVE third-party application, visit the developers site.

Example of the authorization flow

use rfesi::prelude::*;

fn create_esi() -> EsiResult<Esi> {
    // Create a new struct from the builder. These parameters
    // all come from your third-party app on the developers site.
        .user_agent("some user agent")

fn get_authorize_url(esi: &Esi) -> String {
    // Direct your user to this URL, and have a web service listening
    // at the callback URL that you specified in the EVE application.

async fn authenticate_user(esi: &mut Esi, code: &str) -> EsiResult<()> {
    // The `code` value here comes from the URL parameters your service
    // is sent following a user's successful SSO.
    // Note that most functions in this crate are async, so you'll need
    // to handle those appropriately.
    // Additionally, this function requires a mutable reference to the
    // struct, as the instance will self-mutate with the additional information
    // from ESI (assuming a successful authorization).
    // Once the instance has the auth information, you can use it to make
    // authenticated requests to ESI for the user.



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