[][src]Crate reword

Provides a macro for generating structures for value lookup.

reword::reword! {
    enum Lang: &'static str {
        Hi {
            EN_UK | EN_US = "Hi";
            NO = "Hei";

let mut lang = Lang::NO;
assert_eq!(lang.reword::<Hi>(), "Hei");
lang = Lang::EN_UK;
assert_eq!(lang.reword::<Hi>(), "Hi");
lang = Lang::EN_US;
assert_eq!(lang.reword::<Hi>(), "Hi");

The structures generated are not exported out of its module by default. Use pub before theenum keyword to export it. Attributes can be attached to both the enum and the structures generated. The Copy, Clone, Debug, Eq, PartialEq, Ord, PartialOrd, and Hash traits are automatically derived for the types using the derive attribute.



The macro used to generate the lookup structures.