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Working with the resymgen YAML format

This crate contains utilities for working with the YAML configuration files of the resymgen (reverse engineering symbol table generator) command line tool.

The top-level library functions implement the subcommands of resymgen. That is, they take input files containing symbol data, process the file contents based on specified configuration parameters, and generate output related to the symbol data in the form of console output or files.

The data_formats module defines structures and methods related to parsing and manipulating raw symbol data in various formats.



  • This module contains structs and methods for reading, writing, and manipulating different symbol data formats.



  • Checks that can be run on resymgen YAML symbol tables.
  • Naming conventions for symbol names.


  • Checks the format of a given input_file, subject to the given int_format.
  • Formats a given input_file using the given int_format.
  • Generates symbol tables from a given input_file for multiple different output_formats and output_versions.
  • Merges symbols from a collection of input_files of the format input_format into a given symgen_file.
  • Persist the temporary file at the target path.
  • Validates a given set of input_files under the specified checks, and prints a summary of the results.
  • Validates a given input_file under the specified checks.
  • Recursively write a SymGen and all its subregions to files, starting with the top-level file path specified by top_path, and using the given int_format.