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reqwest provides an easy way of sending JSON-formatted body in the HTTP request and it always emits terse on-line JSON representation.

Most of the time it is exactly what you need. However, in some cases you may prefer to emit “pretty” JSON representation of your data structures. Key-Value data stores are one such use case and there may be others as well.

In this case you won’t be able to use [reqwest::RequestBuilder.json] method and will have to manually serialize your data and set both the body of the request and Content-Type HTTP header.

This crate provides convenient method to do just that. It exports trait PrettyJson that extends reqwest::RequestBuilder with PrettyJson::pretty_json method (in addition to the original reqwest::RequestBuilder::json).

This method serializes your data structures as “pretty” JSON (using serde_json::to_vec_pretty) and lets reqwest::RequestBuilder::json do the rest.

use reqwest::Client;
use reqwest_pretty_json::PrettyJson;

let data = vec![1, 2, 3];
let client = Client::new();
let request = client



A trait to set HTTP request body to a “prettified” JSON-formatted representation of the data.