Function repackage::dot_crate[][src]

pub fn dot_crate(
    dot_crate: impl AsRef<Path>,
    old_name: Option<&str>,
    new_name: &str
) -> Result<()>

Repackage the crate contained in the .crate tarball at dot_crate as new_name.

Pass in the old crate name to verify that the crate you are repackaging is in fact the one you think it is. If you do not, it will be inferred from the name of the .crate file. The old name is needed one way or the other in order to also replace references to the crate inside non-src/ .rs files.

The repackaged file will end up next to the current .crate file with the crate name replaced appropriately. In other words, if you are replacing foo with bar, and give the input file baz/foo-0.1.0.crate, the repackaged crate file will be baz/bar-0.1.0.crate.