[][src]Trait reefast::dh::DataHandler

Data handler interface definition.

Please be aware that this interface is not expected to be stable. Whenever CCP significantly change EVE data format, this interface has to change as well.

All the methods required by this trait should return an error only when it is impossible to fetch data altogether. In case of a less impactful error (such as inability to deserialize one specific item within big array of data), the error should be recorded as a meaningful message and stored in Container.errors.

Required methods

fn get_items(&self) -> Result<Container<Item>>

Get item types.

fn get_item_groups(&self) -> Result<Container<ItemGroup>>

Get item groups.

fn get_attrs(&self) -> Result<Container<Attr>>

Get dogma attributes.

fn get_item_attrs(&self) -> Result<Container<ItemAttr>>

Get an m:n mapping between item types and dogma attributes.

fn get_effects(&self) -> Result<Container<Effect>>

Get dogma effects.

fn get_item_effects(&self) -> Result<Container<ItemEffect>>

Get an m:n mapping between item types and dogma effects.

fn get_fighter_abils(&self) -> Result<Container<FighterAbil>>

Get fighter abilities.

fn get_item_fighter_abils(&self) -> Result<Container<ItemFighterAbil>>

Get an m:n mapping between item types and fighter abilities.

fn get_buffs(&self) -> Result<Container<Buff>>

Get dogma buffs.

fn get_item_skill_reqs(&self) -> Result<Container<ItemSkillReq>>

Get item skill requirements.

fn get_muta_item_convs(&self) -> Result<Container<MutaItemConv>>

Get mutaplasmid item conversions.

fn get_muta_attr_mods(&self) -> Result<Container<MutaAttrMod>>

Get mutaplasmid item modifications.

fn get_version(&self) -> Result<String>

Get version of the data.

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