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A simple redis client library This library revolves around the Connection struct. Every request is sent via Connection methods. Requests can also be sent using the send_raw_request function. Examples Create a connection and send requests

 extern crate redis_rs;
 use std::net::TcpStream;
 use redis_rs::connection::Connection;
 use redis_rs::response::RedisResponse;

 let host = "";
 let port = 6379;
 let addr = format!("{}:{}", host, port);
 let stream = TcpStream::connect(addr).unwrap();

 // stream can be anything that implements read and write
 let mut client = Connection::new(host, port, stream);

 // send a request
 let _ = client.send_raw_request("SET FOO BAR");
 // or use a supported command
 let response = client.get("FOO").unwrap();

 // match against the response to extract the value
 if let RedisResponse::BulkString(value) = response {
   println!("{}", value);