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Library to Provide an Redis pool. Minimum Rust Version


This project is licensed under either Apache License, Version 2.0, zlib License, or MIT License, at your option.


If you need help with this library or have suggestions please go to our Discord Group


RedisPool uses tokio runtime.

# Cargo.toml
redis_pool = "0.4.0"
§Cargo Feature Flags

cluster: Enables Redis Cluster Client and connections.


use redis_pool::{RedisPool, SingleRedisPool};
use axum::{Router, routing::get, extract::State};
use tokio::net::TcpListener;

async fn main() {
    let redis_url = "redis://default:YourSecretPassWord@";
    let client = redis::Client::open(redis_url).expect("Error while testing the connection");
    let pool = RedisPool::from(client);

    // build our application with some routes
    let app = Router::new()
        .route("/test", get(test_pool))

    // run it
    let listener = TcpListener::bind("").await.unwrap();
    axum::serve(listener, app).await.unwrap();

async fn test_pool(State(pool): State<SingleRedisPool>) -> String {
    let mut connection = pool.aquire().await.unwrap();
    let _: () = redis::pipe()
            .set(0, "Hello")
            .query_async(&mut connection)

    redis::cmd("GET").arg(0).query_async(&mut connection).await.unwrap()

§Running Tests

Docker must be installed because this library utilizes testcontainers to spin up redis intances. Additionally, the images contained in the docker directory need to be built and accessible in your local registry; this can be accomplished by running ./docker/