pub fn expand_and_collapse<Seed, Out, Expandable, Collapsable>(
    seed: Seed,
    expand_layer: impl FnMut(Seed) -> Expandable,
    collapse_layer: impl FnMut(Collapsable) -> Out
) -> Outwhere
    Expandable: MapLayer<(), Unwrapped = Seed>,
    <Expandable as MapLayer<()>>::To: MapLayer<Out, Unwrapped = (), To = Collapsable>,
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Build a state machine by simultaneously expanding a seed into some structure and consuming that structure from the leaves down Type parameter explanation: Layer: some partially applied type, eg Option or Vec. Not yet representable in Rust. Seed: the initial value that structure is expanded out from Out: the value that the structure is collapsed into Expandable: a single layer of expanding structure, of type Layer Collapsable: a single layer of collapsing structure, of type Layer