Module recrypt::api_480[]


Random Fp12, encrypted to the delegatee. Used to unroll transforms.

A combination of the hash of EncryptedTempKey and the PrivateKey of the delegator. Used to recover the plaintext from an EncryptedTempKey

Recrypt public API - 480-bit If you are looking better performance, you might consider the 256-bit API in

The first 32 bytes of this are the Secret Ed25519 key and the 2nd 32 bytes are the Compressed Y form of the public key.

Describes a single transform. Multiple TransformBlocks (in series) describe multi-hop transforms.

TransformKeys allow a message encrypted to one public key (the key of the delegator) to be transformed and appear as if it was encrypted to another public key (the key of hte delegatee), or put another way, a TransformKey changes which private_key can decrypt the data.


Encrypted value that is either initially encrypted or one that has been transformed one or more times


Encrypt, Decrypt, Transform, and supporting operations.

Typeclass for converting an implementing type to a stable byte representation which can be used for hashing (and thus the hash value will also remain consistent) Inverse of BytesDecoder

Key generation operations

Generation of random bytes for cryptographic operations

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