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rbx_dom_weak is a common representation of the Roblox DOM for Rust. It’s designed to play nicely with the borrow checker and allows accessing instances by ID in constant time.

Constructing a new tree of instances is accomplished by first creating an InstanceBuilder object that describes a tree of instances and then wrapping it with an WeakDom:

use rbx_dom_weak::{InstanceBuilder, WeakDom};

let dm = InstanceBuilder::new("DataModel");

let mut dom = WeakDom::new(dm);

println!("ID of DOM root is {:?}", dom.root_ref());

Once we have a tree, we can use WeakDom::insert and WeakDom::get_by_ref to add instances to the tree and retrieve them.

use rbx_dom_weak::{InstanceBuilder, WeakDom};

let mut dom = WeakDom::new(InstanceBuilder::new("DataModel"));

// We can define properties using any type that can be converted to an
// rbx_dom_weak::types::Variant.
let http_service = InstanceBuilder::new("HttpService")
    .with_property("HttpEnabled", true);

let http_service_id = dom.insert(dom.root_ref(), http_service);

println!("HttpService has ID {:?}", http_service_id);

To change properties on an instance that’s already present in the tree, use WeakDom::get_by_ref_mut. Note that it isn’t possible to add or remove children through this method, use WeakDom::insert and WeakDom::destroy instead.


pub use rbx_types as types;


Contains state for viewing and redacting nondeterministic portions of WeakDom objects, making them suitable for usage in snapshot tests.

An instance contained inside of a WeakDom.

Represents an instance that can be turned into a new WeakDom, or inserted into an existing one.

A transformed view into a WeakDom or Instance that has been redacted and transformed to be more readable.

Represents a DOM containing one or more Roblox instances.