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A library for building RoBust RollBack-based networked games.

rbrb is heavily inspired by GGPO and GGRS, but aims to be more reliable and capable.


This library assumes your game is a deterministic Fn(&State, Set<Input>) -> State. We (will) have an additional testing mode that will spend extra cycles on checking that the state is consitent between players and deterministic on the same logical update.


Core Functionality

  • Multi-party sync
  • Consistent disconnection
  • Reconnect disconnected player


  • Determinism checks
  • Checksum propagation
  • Debugging failed checks
  • Fake a bad network
  • Confirmation state


  • In-game replays
  • Out of game replays
    • Headless
  • Spectators
    • Drop in/out


  • Input delta encoding
  • Hub and spoke network