Crate raw_audio[][src]

Crate for loading various RAW audio formats into fon types (*.pcm file extension should be preferred to *.raw, as *.raw can be used for video as well). RAW audio formats are always interleaved.

Channel order is assumed to follow the FLAC channel order (following SMPTE/ITU-R recommendations):

  • 1 Channel: Mono (Mono)
  • 2 Channels: Stereo (Left, Right)
  • 3 Channels: Surround 3.0 (Left, Right, Center)
  • 4 Channels: Surround 4.0 (F.Left, F.Right, B.Left, B.Right)
  • 5 Channels: Surround 5.0 (F.Left, F.Right, F.Center, B.Left, B.Right)
  • 6 Channels: Surround 5.1 (F.Left, F.Right, F.Center, LFE, B.Left, B.Right)
  • 7 Channels: Surround 6.1 (F.Left, F.Right, F.Center, LFE, B.Center, S.Left, S.Right)
  • 8 Channels: Surround 7.1 (F.Left, F.Right, F.Center, LFE, B.Left, B.Right, S.Left, S.Right)

For supported RAW Sample Formats see the pcm module.



Supported Audio formats by this crate.



Decoder for RAW audio


Encoder for RAW Audio