[][src]Struct raw_socket::prelude::RawSocket

pub struct RawSocket { /* fields omitted */ }


impl RawSocket[src]

pub fn new(
    domain: Domain,
    kind: Type,
    protocol: Option<Protocol>
) -> Result<Self>

pub fn bind<A: ToSocketAddrs>(&self, addr: A) -> Result<()>[src]

pub fn local_addr(&self) -> Result<SocketAddr>[src]

pub fn recv_from(&self, buf: &mut [u8]) -> Result<(usize, SocketAddr)>[src]

pub fn recv_msg(
    data: &[IoSliceMut<'_>],
    ctrl: &mut [u8]
) -> Result<(usize, SocketAddr)>

pub fn send_to<A: ToSocketAddrs>(&self, buf: &[u8], addr: A) -> Result<usize>[src]

pub fn send_msg<A: ToSocketAddrs>(
    addr: A,
    data: &[IoSlice<'_>],
    ctrl: &[u8]
) -> Result<usize>

pub fn get_sockopt<O: Opt>(&self, level: Level, name: Name) -> Result<O>[src]

pub fn set_sockopt<O: Opt>(
    level: Level,
    name: Name,
    value: &O
) -> Result<()>

pub fn set_nonblocking(&self, nonblocking: bool) -> Result<()>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl AsRawFd for RawSocket[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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