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A library to parse the x86 CPUID instruction, written in rust with no external dependencies. The implementation closely resembles the Intel CPUID manual description. The library does only depend on libcore.

The code should be in sync with the latest March 2018 revision of the Intel Architectures Software Developer’s Manual.


use raw_cpuid::CpuId;
let cpuid = CpuId::new();

if let Some(vf) = cpuid.get_vendor_info() {
    assert!(vf.as_string() == "GenuineIntel" || vf.as_string() == "AuthenticAMD");

let has_sse = cpuid.get_feature_info().map_or(false, |finfo| finfo.has_sse());
if has_sse {
    println!("CPU supports SSE!");

if let Some(cparams) = cpuid.get_cache_parameters() {
    for cache in cparams {
        let size = cache.associativity() * cache.physical_line_partitions() * cache.coherency_line_size() * cache.sets();
        println!("L{}-Cache size is {}", cache.level(), size);
} else {
    println!("No cache parameter information available")


Uses Rust’s cpuid function from the arch module.


Macro which queries cpuid directly.


Describes any kind of cache (TLB, Data and Instruction caches plus prefetchers).

Used to iterate over cache information contained in cpuid instruction.

Main type used to query for information about the CPU we’re running on.

Low-level data-structure to store result of cpuid instruction.

Deterministic Address Translation Structure

Deterministic Address Translation Structure Iterator

EBX:EAX and EDX:ECX provide information on the Enclave Page Cache (EPC) section

Iterates over the system topology in order to retrieve more system information at each level of the topology.

Gives detailed information about the current level in the topology (how many cores, what type etc.).

Information about Hypervisor

L2 Cache Allocation Technology Enumeration Sub-leaf (EAX = 10H, ECX = ResID = 2).

L3 Cache Allocation Technology Enumeration Sub-leaf (EAX = 10H, ECX = ResID = 1).

Memory Bandwidth Allocation Enumeration Sub-leaf (EAX = 10H, ECX = ResID = 3).

Processor Frequency Information

Intel SGX Capability Enumeration Leaf, sub-leaf 0 (EAX = 12H, ECX = 0 and ECX = 1)

Iterator over the SGX sub-leafs (ECX >= 2).

Time Stamp Counter and Nominal Core Crystal Clock Information Leaf.


What type of cache are we dealing with?

Deterministic Address Translation cache type (EDX bits 04 – 00)

Identifies the different Hypervisor products.

Intel SGX EPC Enumeration Leaf, sub-leaves (EAX = 12H, ECX = 2 or higher)

What type of core we have at this level in the topology (real CPU or hyper-threaded).


This table is taken from Intel manual (Section CPUID instruction).