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A Ratman network identity abstraction

Because Ratman is a userspace router with no concept of link layer identities, network IDs are chosen to be fixed size byte arrays. It’s left to the implementing application to map these to some useful source of identity. This crate also provides a hashing constructor behind the digest feature flag which can be used to hash a secret to derive the identity value.

Whatever scheme is chosen, two principles about identity must not be violated:

  1. There are no identity collisions
  2. Identities don’t change mid-route

This crate is part of the qaul project. The docs for this crate are propably lacking because currently Ratman/ libqaul are the only users of it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



A generic object identifier


Iterator for iterating over Identity



Length of the identity buffer to align with an ed25519 pubkey