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§Structure of Management Information

rasn-smi is an implementation of the ASN.1 data types from the IETF RFCs 1155 and 2578 on the Structure of Management Information the rasn codec framework. These definitions are both transport layer agnostic, and encoding rule agnostic.

// Replace with your data.
let data: &[u8] = &[];
// Decode object from BER.
let object: rasn_smi::v2::ObjectSyntax = rasn::ber::decode(&data).unwrap();
// Encode it back into DER
let data = rasn::der::encode(&object).unwrap();


  • Version 1 (RFC 1155)
  • Version 2 (RFC 2578)


  • A declarative macro for generating SMI objects. This macro accepts a list of statements preceeded by a struct-like definition


  • The current access provided to the object.
  • The current status of the object’s implementation.


  • A managed Management Information Base (MIB) object.