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Rapier is a set of two Rust crates rapier2d and rapier3d for efficient cross-platform physics simulation. It target application include video games, animation, robotics, etc.

Rapier has some unique features for collaborative applications:

  • The ability to snapshot the state of the physics engine, and restore it later.
  • The ability to run a perfectly deterministic simulation on different machine, as long as they are compliant with the IEEE 754-2008 floating point standard.

User documentation for Rapier is on the official Rapier site.



  • Utilities for controlling the trajectories of objects in a non-physical way.
  • Counters for benchmarking various parts of the physics engine.
  • Data structures modified with guaranteed deterministic behavior after deserialization.
  • Structures related to dynamics: bodies, impulse_joints, etc.
  • Structures related to geometry: colliders, shapes, etc.
  • Elementary mathematical entities (vectors, matrices, isometries, etc).
  • Structure for combining the various physics components to perform an actual simulation.
  • Prelude containing the common types defined by Rapier.
  • Miscellaneous utilities.


  • The string version of Rapier.