Crate rangetype [] [src]

This crate provides a numerical type that automatically performs range checks during all mathematical operations. If a range is violated the code will instantly panic.

When using the range! macro you'll automatically get compile-time range checks. You'll need to import the static_assertions crate to use range!.

You can also import the RangeType, although using the macro is recommended.


extern crate rangetype;
extern crate static_assertions;

use rangetype::RangeType;

fn main() {
    // A value of 5 that must be between 0 and 128
    let x = range!(32, 0..127);
    // You can also use floating-point types (and the constructor)
    let y = RangeType::new(4.5, 0.1..99.9);
    let z = range!(64, 0..127);

    // x + z = 96
    println!("{}", x + z);
    // println!("{}", z + z); // This would panic

    // Ranges can be adjusted
    let a = x.with_range(0..255);
    // And the raw value can be retrieved like so
    let b = x.as_raw();

The Mul, Div, Add, Sub, and Neg traits are implemented on the RangeType struct.



Create a RangeType and employ static checks on its value.



A range-checked number type.