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Mersenne Twister random number generators.

This is a native Rust implementation of a selection of Mersenne Twister generators. Mersenne Twister is not suitable for cryptographic use.

This crate provides:

  • Mt19937GenRand32, the original reference Mersenne Twister implementation known as MT19937. This is a good choice on both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs (for 32-bit output).
  • Mt19937GenRand64, the 64-bit variant of MT19937 known as MT19937-64. This algorithm produces a different output stream than MT19937 and produces 64-bit output. This is a good choice on 64-bit CPUs.

Both of these use 2.5KB of state. Mt19937GenRand32 uses a 32-bit seed. Mt19937GenRand64 uses a 64-bit seed. Both can be seeded from an iterator of seeds.

Both RNGs implement a recover constructor which can reconstruct the RNG state from a sequence of output samples.


You can seed a RNG and begin sampling it:

// Create the RNG.
let mut rng = Mt64::new(0x1234_567_89ab_cdef_u64);
// start grabbing randomness from rng...
let mut buf = vec![0; 512];
rng.fill_bytes(&mut buf);

Or if you want to use the default (fixed) seeds that are specified in the reference implementations:

let default = Mt::default();
let mt = Mt::new_unseeded();
assert_eq!(default, mt);

Crate Features

rand_mt is no_std compatible. rand_mt has several optional features that are enabled by default:

  • rand-traits - Enables a dependency on rand_core. Activating this feature implements RngCore and SeedableRng on the RNGs in this crate.
  • std - Enables a dependency on the Rust Standard Library. Activating this feature enables std::error::Error impls on error types in this crate.

Mersenne Twister requires ~2.5KB of internal state. To make the RNGs implemented in this crate practical to embed in other structs, you may wish to store the RNG in a Box.


The 32-bit flavor of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.

The 64-bit flavor of the Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.


Error returned from fallible Mersenne Twister recovery constructors.

Type Definitions

A type alias for Mt19937GenRand32, 32-bit Mersenne Twister.

A type alias for Mt19937GenRand64, 64-bit Mersenne Twister.