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Rammer, a play on Rust and the fact that spam is classified as Spam or Ham, is a spam/ham classification library.

Here is an example program which trains and saves a new model for later use.

use rammer::{ HSModel, BagOfWords };

fn main() {
    let spam_bow = BagOfWords::from_folder("data/train/spam");
    let ham_bow = BagOfWords::from_folder("data/train/ham");
    let model = HSModel::from_bows(ham_bow, spam_bow);

Here is an Example program using an existing model.

use rammer::HSModel;
use std::fs;
use rayon::prelude::*;
fn main() {
   let model = HSModel::read_from_json("out/models/enron1_model.json").unwrap();
   let spam_answers = validate(&model, "data/validate/spam", "spam", |p| p > 0.8);
   let ham_answers = validate(&model, "data/validate/ham", "ham", |p| p < 0.2);

   println!("Spam Correctly Classified: {}/{} = {:.4}", spam_answers.0, spam_answers.1, spam_answers.2);
   println!("Ham Correctly Classified: {}/{} = {:.4}", ham_answers.0, ham_answers.1, ham_answers.2);

fn validate<F>(model: &HSModel, dir: &str, class: &str, is_correct: F) -> (u32, usize, f64)
    where F: Fn(f64) -> bool + Sync
    let ps: Vec<bool> = fs::read_dir(dir)
        .expect("folder exists")
        .filter_map(|maybe_entry| {
            maybe_entry.ok().and_then(|entry| {
                    .and_then(|text| Some(model.text_spam_probability(&text[..])))
        .map(|p| { println!("Probability: {:.8}\t\t({})", p, class); is_correct(p) })

    let num_classified_correctly: u32 = ps
        .filter_map(|&b| if b { Some(1) } else { None })

        num_classified_correctly as f64 / ps.len() as f64




A BagOfWords, also referred to as a bow, is a frequency map of words. Read more about the BagOfWords model here: BagOfWords Wikipedia. BagOfWords works with Unicode Words. Words are defined by as between UAX#29 word boundaries. BagOfWords is serializable using one of the serde serialization crates


A model which contains 2 BagOfWords, one containing known spam, and the other known ham.

Type Definitions


Type alias for number of times a word is found in a BagOfWords.


Type alias for rate of occurences of a value. This type should always be between [0,1].


Type alias for the statistical probability of an event. This type should always be between [0,1].