[][src]Enum radiate::engine::survival::SurvivalCriteria

pub enum SurvivalCriteria {

Note these should not be directly exposed to the user as to avoid confusion with /// too many knobs to turn to create a population. Instead, provide functions to add /// them and defaults if they are not added. These are not nessesarily needed options, /// they are add-ons and really only for if you really want to test around with your /// structure that is evolving, provides users with more options wich is always good /// Implement a way to pick which way to pick those members who survice each generation, in other words - pick who gets to stay, those who do not get to stay 'die off' and are replaced by the children

Fittest - the default option, the top member from each species TopNumber - given a number, keep the top number regardless of species TopPercent - given a percent out of 100, keep the top percent regardless of species




impl SurvivalCriteria[src]

Implement the survival enum

pub fn pick_survivers<T, E>(
    members: &mut Vec<Container<T, E>>,
    families: &Vec<Family<T, E>>
) -> Option<Vec<Arc<RwLock<T>>>> where
    T: Genome<T, E> + Send + Sync + Clone,
    E: Send + Sync

Based on the survival critera, given a vec of containers and families, pick who survives

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SurvivalCriteria[src]

impl Debug for SurvivalCriteria[src]

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