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Load Radiance HDR (.hdr, .pic) images.

This is a fork of TechPriest’s HdrLdr, rewritten for slightly better performance. May or may not actually perform better. I’ve restricted the API so that it only accepts readers that implement BufRead.

The original crate, which does not have this restriction, is in turn a slightly rustified version of C++ code by Igor Kravtchenko. If you need more image formats besides HDR, take a look at Image2 crate.


Add radiant to your dependencies of your Cargo.toml:

radiant = "0.2"

And then, in your rust file:

use std::io::BufReader;
use std::fs::File;

let f = File::open("assets/colorful_studio_2k.hdr").expect("Failed to open specified file");
let f = BufReader::new(f);
let image = radiant::load(f).expect("Failed to load image data");

For more complete example, see Simple HDR Viewer application

Huge thanks to HDRI Haven for providing CC0 sample images for testing!



A decoded Radiance HDR image.


A struct that represents an image in the process of being loaded.


The decoded R, G, and B value of a pixel. You typically get these from the data field on an Image.


An image loader that decodes images line by line, through an iterative API.



Load a Radiance HDR image from a reader that implements BufRead.