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A collection of tools for profiling rust-analyzer.


pub use countme;


Include _c: Count<Self> field in important structs to count them.

A wrapper around google_cpu_profiler.

Allows to check if the current code is withing some dynamic scope, can be useful during debugging to figure out why a function is called.


Filtering syntax env RA_PROFILE=* // dump everything env RA_PROFILE=foo|bar|baz // enabled only selected entries env RA_PROFILE=*@3>10 // dump everything, up to depth 3, if it takes more than 10 ms

This function starts a profiling scope in the current execution stack with a given description. It returns a Profile struct that measures elapsed time between this method invocation and Profile struct drop. It supports nested profiling scopes in case when this function is invoked multiple times at the execution stack. In this case the profiling information will be nested at the output. Profiling information is being printed in the stderr.