[][src]Trait r3_port_arm::StartupOptions

pub trait StartupOptions {
    const MEMORY_MAP: &'static [MemoryMapSection];

The options for use_startup!.

Associated Constants

const MEMORY_MAP: &'static [MemoryMapSection]

The memory map.

Note that the kernel code and the startup code don't support relocation, so you need to make sure they are covered by an identical mapping.

At least one of 0x0000000 and 0xffff0000 must left unmapped so that an exception vector table can be placed there.


use r3_port_arm::MemoryMapSection;

// Renesas RZ/A1H
const MEMORY_MAP: &'static [MemoryMapSection] = &[
    // On-chip RAM (10MB)
    MemoryMapSection::new(0x2000_0000..0x20a0_0000, 0x2000_0000).with_executable(true),
    // I/O areas
    MemoryMapSection::new(0x3fe0_0000..0x4000_0000, 0x3fe0_0000).as_device_memory(),
    MemoryMapSection::new(0xe800_0000..0xe830_0000, 0xe800_0000).as_device_memory(),
    MemoryMapSection::new(0xfc00_0000..0xfc10_0000, 0xfc00_0000).as_device_memory(),
    MemoryMapSection::new(0xfcf0_0000..0xfd00_0000, 0xfcf0_0000).as_device_memory(),
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