Quilkin configuration.

Types representing where the data is the sent.

Filters for processing packets.


Returns a ConvertProtoConfigError with an error message when an invalid proto enum value was provided in a filter’s proto config.

Includes generated Protobuf definitions from tonic.

Maps an integer from a protobuf enum value to a target enum variant. Both protobuf and target enum must have similar variants. The protobuf enum variant should be cast-able to an i32 Returns an OK Result with the target enum variant otherwise ConvertProtoConfigError if the provided value does not map to any enum variant.


Represents the components needed to create a Server.

Config is the configuration of a proxy

Marks a ServerBuild as not yet validated.

Server is the UDP server main implementation

Marks a ServerBuild as having validated successfully.


Start and run a proxy. Any passed in FilterFactorys are included alongside the default filter factories.

Type Definitions