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Proxy program for interacting with the token mint.


An Anchor generated module, providing a set of structs mirroring the structs deriving Accounts, where each field is a Pubkey. This is useful for specifying accounts for a client.

An Anchor generated module containing the program’s set of instructions, where each method handler in the #[program] mod is associated with a struct defining the input arguments to the method. These should be used directly, when one wants to serialize Anchor instruction data, for example, when speciying instructions on a client.

Module representing the program.



Mint wrapper

Emitted when a MintWrapper’s admin is proposed.

Emitted when a MintWrapper’s admin is transferred.

One who can mint.

Emitted when a Minter’s allowance is updated.

Emitted when a Minter performs a mint.

Updates a minter.

Emitted when a MintWrapper is created.

Emitted when a Minter is created.

Only an admin is allowed to use instructions containing this struct.

Accounts for the perform_mint instruction.


Error Codes


The static program ID


Confirms that a given pubkey is equivalent to the program ID

The Anchor codegen exposes a programming model where a user defines a set of methods inside of a #[program] module in a way similar to writing RPC request handlers. The macro then generates a bunch of code wrapping these user defined methods into something that can be executed on Solana.

Returns the program ID