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Quackin - API documentation

Hi, welcome to the Quackin API documentation!

Quackin is a recommender systems framework written in Rust focused on:

  • Facilitate data handling.
  • Providing collaborative filtering algorithms.
  • Being an environment to build, test and evaluate new algorithms.

Until we get a website for the crate, this docs will be the primary reference for both technical and user-side aspects of Quackin.

Quackin was called Oozie as a reference to Apache Mahout, but then I discovered that Apache Oozie already exists. Now is called Quackin because I wanted a funny name and my debugger rubber duck was on my desk at that moment.


To start using Quackin just add it as a dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

quackin = "*"



This submodule provides tools related to reading and handling data.


This submodule provides different metrics of similarity and performance.


This submodule provides some recommenders and tools to implement new ones.