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Utility to copy files over WiFi to/from mobile devices inside a terminal.

When I built QrSync, it was only meant to send files from a terminal to a mobile device, then I found the amazing qrcp and I took some ideas from it and implemented also the possibility to copy file from the mobile device to the computer running QrSync.


  • qrcp: I took many ideas from this amazing project and “stole” most of the HTML Bootstrap based UI.
  • rocket: A great HTTP framework for Rust, very expandable and simple to use.
  • qr2term: Terminal based QR rendering library.
  • clap: Oh man, where do I start telling how much do I love Clap?

See Github project README for more info.


Definition and implementation of QrSync and dependencies errors.

QR code and HTTP worker handling.

Rocket routes definitions.

Type Definitions

Handy type handling Result and Errors.