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QRCode encoder

This crate provides a QR code and Micro QR code encoder for binary data.

use qrcode::QrCode;
use image::Luma;

// Encode some data into bits.
let code = QrCode::new(b"01234567").unwrap();

// Render the bits into an image.
let image = code.render::<Luma<u8>>().build();

// Save the image."/tmp/qrcode.png").unwrap();

// You can also render it into a string.
let string = code.render()
    .light_color(' ')
println!("{}", string);



  • The bits module encodes binary data into raw bits used in a QR code.
  • The canvas module puts raw bits into the QR code canvas.
  • The ec module applies the Reed-Solomon error correction codes.
  • Find the optimal data mode sequence to encode a piece of data.
  • Render a QR code into image.


  • The encoded QR code symbol.