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A qp-trie implementation for Rust

A qp-trie is a fast and compact associative array. It is similar to a crit-bit trie, with a larger fan-out per internal node to save memory and reduce lookup costs.

It supports the following operations at high speed:

  • See whether a key is in the trie and retrieve an optional associated value
  • Add a (key, value) pair to the trie
  • Remove a key from the trie
  • Find all keys matching a given prefix

This implementation uses 4 bits per index and doesn’t require keys to be zero-terminated.


use qptrie::Trie;

let mut trie = Trie::new();
trie.insert("key number one", 1);
trie.insert("key number two", 2);

for (k, v) in trie.prefix_iter(&"key").include_prefix() {
    println!("{} => {}", k, v);

trie.remove(&"key number one");

let v = trie.get(&"key number two").unwrap();