Crate qilin

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  • Contains structs for game control and windowing.
  • Contains math functions to manipulate mint types, like Vector2 or Vector3.
  • Contains structs for the game module to use. Mostly rendering and geometry stuff.
  • Contains the scene::Scene trait.
  • Contains some functions for creating structs simpler and more readable.
  • Contains common types of qilin.


  • Abstract set of Euler angles in 3D space. The basis of angles is defined by the generic parameter B.
  • Standard quaternion represented by the scalar and vector parts. Useful for representing rotation in 3D space. Corresponds to a right-handed rotation matrix.
  • WindowOptions is creation settings for the window. By default the settings are defined for displayng a 32-bit buffer (no scaling of window is possible)


  • Key is used by the get key functions to check if some keys on the keyboard has been pressed
  • Used for is_key_pressed and get_keys_pressed() to indicated if repeat of presses is wanted
  • The various mouse buttons that are availible
  • Scale will scale the frame buffer and the window that is being sent in when calling the update function. This is useful if you for example want to display a 320 x 256 window on a screen with much higher resolution which would result in that the window is very small.
  • On some OS (X11 for example) it’s possible a window can resize even if no resize has been set. This causes some issues depending on how the content of an input buffer should be displayed then it’s possible to set this scaling mode to get a better behavior.