Struct pyproject_toml::Project

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pub struct Project {
Show 17 fields pub name: String, pub version: Option<String>, pub description: Option<String>, pub readme: Option<ReadMe>, pub requires_python: Option<String>, pub license: Option<License>, pub authors: Option<Vec<Contact>>, pub maintainers: Option<Vec<Contact>>, pub keywords: Option<Vec<String>>, pub classifiers: Option<Vec<String>>, pub urls: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>, pub entry_points: Option<IndexMap<String, IndexMap<String, String>>>, pub scripts: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>, pub gui_scripts: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>, pub dependencies: Option<Vec<String>>, pub optional_dependencies: Option<IndexMap<String, Vec<String>>>, pub dynamic: Option<Vec<String>>,
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PEP 621 project metadata


§name: String

The name of the project

§version: Option<String>

The version of the project as supported by PEP 440

§description: Option<String>

The summary description of the project

§readme: Option<ReadMe>

The full description of the project (i.e. the README)

§requires_python: Option<String>

The Python version requirements of the project

§license: Option<License>


§authors: Option<Vec<Contact>>

The people or organizations considered to be the “authors” of the project

§maintainers: Option<Vec<Contact>>

Similar to “authors” in that its exact meaning is open to interpretation

§keywords: Option<Vec<String>>

The keywords for the project

§classifiers: Option<Vec<String>>

Trove classifiers which apply to the project

§urls: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>

A table of URLs where the key is the URL label and the value is the URL itself

§entry_points: Option<IndexMap<String, IndexMap<String, String>>>

Entry points

§scripts: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>

Corresponds to the console_scripts group in the core metadata

§gui_scripts: Option<IndexMap<String, String>>

Corresponds to the gui_scripts group in the core metadata

§dependencies: Option<Vec<String>>

Project dependencies

§optional_dependencies: Option<IndexMap<String, Vec<String>>>

Optional dependencies

§dynamic: Option<Vec<String>>

Specifies which fields listed by PEP 621 were intentionally unspecified so another tool can/will provide such metadata dynamically.

Trait Implementations§


impl Clone for Project


fn clone(&self) -> Project

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fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

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impl Debug for Project


fn fmt(&self, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result

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impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Project


fn deserialize<__D>(__deserializer: __D) -> Result<Self, __D::Error>where __D: Deserializer<'de>,

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impl Serialize for Project


fn serialize<__S>(&self, __serializer: __S) -> Result<__S::Ok, __S::Error>where __S: Serializer,

Serialize this value into the given Serde serializer. Read more

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