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This is a Widget and Texture cache that are used by Widgets.


This is the Event definitions for the Widgets and their associated actions.


This is a set of drawing primitives that Widgets can use to help offset some harder work that would require a lot of code. This includes things like drawing a background, filling a space, rendering text, and so on.


Properties is the store that each Widget uses to define its behavior, using a HashMap to store the properties. Each property is identified by a numeric (u32) key.


System-provided Widget library.


This is a store used by Widgets for drawing against. Once the drawing is complete, the Texture stored within is used for blitting to the screen.


This is the Widget trait that all drawable Widgets use. Any special functionality should be defined using interactions with properties. Widgets can decide whether or not to set themselves in invalidated state after a property value changes, which indicates to the top-level drawing loop whether or not a Widget needs to be redrawn.