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A crate for generating large, cryptographically secure prime numbers. These numbers are seeded from the operating system's main source of entropy, ensuring proper randomness.

Numbers are verified to be prime by running the following three tests during initialization:

  1. Dividing the initial prime number candidate by the first 1,000 prime numbers, checking the remainder. Should the remainder ever be zero, then add two to the candidate and try again.

  2. Run a Fermat Primality Test on the candidate. If it doesn't pass, add two to the candidate and goto Step 1.

  3. Finally, complete five rounds of the Miller-Rabin Primality Test. Should any of the tests pass, add two to the candidate and goto Step 1.

The preceding steps mirror those used by GnuPG, a leading PGP implementation used by thousands of users all across the world.

The prime numbers must be AT LEAST 512-bits long. Attempting to generate a number less than 512-bits long will cause a panic.


extern crate pumpkin;

use pumpkin::prime;

fn main() {
    // Generate 2, 2048-bit primes
    let p = prime::new(2048);
    let q = prime::new(2048);

    let n = p * q;
    println!("{}", n); // Some 4096-bit composite number



More coming soon


Generates cryptographically secure prime numbers.


Generates safe prime numbers.