[][src]Trait prometheus::core::Atomic

pub trait Atomic: Send + Sync {
    type T: Number;
    fn new(val: Self::T) -> Self;
fn set(&self, val: Self::T);
fn get(&self) -> Self::T;
fn inc_by(&self, delta: Self::T);
fn dec_by(&self, delta: Self::T); }

An interface for atomics. Used to generically model float metrics and integer metrics, i.e. Counter and IntCounter.

Associated Types

type T: Number

The numeric type associated with this atomic.

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Required methods

fn new(val: Self::T) -> Self

Create a new atomic value.

fn set(&self, val: Self::T)

Set the value to the provided value.

fn get(&self) -> Self::T

Get the value.

fn inc_by(&self, delta: Self::T)

Increment the value by a given amount.

fn dec_by(&self, delta: Self::T)

Decrement the value by a given amount.

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