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Provides easy access to data from the /proc/swaps and /proc/mounts files.

extern crate proc_mounts;

use proc_mounts::{MountIter, SwapIter};
use std::io;

fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
    println!("# Active Mounts");
    for mount in MountIter::new()? {
        println!("{:#?}", mount);

    println!("# Active Swaps");
    for swap in SwapIter::new()? {
        println!("{:#?}", swap);



A mount entry which contains information regarding how and where a source is mounted.

Iteratively parse the /proc/mounts file.

A list of parsed mount entries from /proc/mounts.

Provides an abstract representation of the contents of a mount tab.

A swap entry, which defines an active swap.

Iteratively parse the /proc/swaps file.

A list of parsed swap entries from /proc/swaps.


An element in an abtract representation of the mount tab that was read into memory.