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Providing support for $crate in procedural macros.


In macro_rules! $crate is used to get the path of the crate where a macro is declared in. In procedural macros there is currently no easy way to get this path. A common hack is to import the desired crate with a know name and use this. However, with rust edition 2018 and dropping extern crate declarations from, people start to rename crates in Cargo.toml directly. However, this breaks importing the crate, as the proc-macro developer does not know the renamed name of the crate that should be imported.

This crate provides a way to get the name of a crate, even if it renamed in Cargo.toml. For this purpose a single function crate_name is provided. This function needs to be called in the context of a proc-macro with the name of the desired crate. CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR will be used to find the current active Cargo.toml and this Cargo.toml is searched for the desired crate.


use quote::quote;
use syn::Ident;
use proc_macro2::Span;
use proc_macro_crate::{crate_name, FoundCrate};

fn import_my_crate() {
    let found_crate = crate_name("my-crate").expect("my-crate is present in `Cargo.toml`");

    match found_crate {
        FoundCrate::Itself => quote!( crate::Something ),
        FoundCrate::Name(name) => {
            let ident = Ident::new(&name, Span::call_site());
            quote!( #ident::Something )


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at your option.


Error type used by this crate.

The crate as found by crate_name.


Find the crate name for the given orig_name in the current Cargo.toml.