Module probe_rs::debug

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Debugging support for probe-rs

The debug module contains various debug functionality, which can be used to implement a debugger based on probe-rs.



  • Debug information which is parsed from DWARF debugging information.
  • Stepping through a program during debug, at various granularities.
  • References to the DIE (debug information entry) of functions.
  • Target Register definitions, expanded from crate::core::registers::CoreRegister to include unwind specific information.
  • The stack frame information used while unwinding the stack from a specific program counter.
  • Information about a Unit in the debug information.
  • Variable information used during debug.
  • The hierarchical cache of all variables for a given scope.


  • A specific location in source code. Each unique line, column, file and directory combination is a unique source location.
  • Capture the required information when a breakpoint is set based on a requested source location. It is possible that the requested source location cannot be resolved to a valid instruction address, in which case the first ‘valid’ instruction address will be used, and the source location will be updated to reflect the actual source location, not the requested source location.



  • Generate a unique key that can be used to assign id’s to StackFrame and Variable structs.

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