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A mutex where waiting threads specify a priority.

Exactly like std::sync::Mutex, except that lock takes an integer priority (0 is high). When the mutex is released, the thread which gave the highest priority will take the lock.

Status: As far as I can tell it's correct, although not particularly fast (releasing the lock takes 3-4μs on my machine). Poisoning is untested.

use priomutex::Mutex;
use rand::{Rng, thread_rng};
use std::mem;
use std::sync::Arc;
use std::thread;

let mutex = Arc::new(Mutex::new(()));
let guard = mutex.lock(0).unwrap();  // take the lock

for _ in 0..10 {
    let mutex = mutex.clone();
    thread::spawn(move|| {
        let p = thread_rng().gen::<usize>(); // generate a random priority
        let guard = mutex.lock(p).unwrap();  // block until we take the lock
        println!("Took the lock: {}", p);
        // lock is released here

thread::sleep_ms(100);  // give the threads a chance to spawn
mem::drop(guard);       // go go go!

// At this point you should see the lock being taken in priority-order



Internals. Not meant for consumption.


A high-performance variant of priomutex.



A mutex which allows waiting threads to specify a priority.


An RAII guard. Frees the mutex when dropped.