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Provides std::fmt::Display wrapper for iterators and tuples. Documentation MIT licensed Build Status


Displaying iterators.

use printable::prelude::PrintableIter;

let v = vec![1, 2, 3];
assert_eq!(format!("{}", v.iter().printable()), "[1, 2, 3]");

Displaying tuples.

use printable::prelude::PrintableTuple;

let v = (1, "2", 3.0);
assert_eq!(format!("{}", v.printable()), "[1, 2, 3]");


  • unstable-assert-no-drop

    Enables compile-time assertions that the iterators used don’t own any resource.


    May violate backward compatibility and lead to compilation failure even if the major semver versions of the underlying crates aren’t updated.

    This may happen due to the following factors:

    • The std::mem::needs_drop documentation does not guarantee its stability.
    • The fact that the iterator type, which can be declared in a third-party crate, started owning a resource doesn’t require increasing the major version of this crate.