[][src]Crate primeval


A monstrosity of a prime number generator. (It's dead simple)


  • ZERO Dependencies (will always be this way)
  • CLI Interface
  • Rust library (see crates.io)



  • primeval help: displays a help menu.
  • primeval gen <limit>: generates all the prime numbers up to a limit
  • primeval prime <number>: determines whether a number is prime or not
  • primeval version: shows version info

Rust Crate


extern crate primeval;

fn main(){
  // Primality?
  let result = primeval::is_prime(2);

  // Generation, in this case all the primes from 0 - 1000
  let result: Vec<usize> = primeval::primes_gen(1000).collect::<Vec<_>>();

Installation (CLI)

  1. git clone https://github.com/ajmwagar/primeval-rs
  2. cd primeval-rs
  3. cargo build --release
  4. cd target/release
  5. ./primeval help
  6. Profit!

You can also move the binary into /usr/bin or somewhere else in your PATH to use from anywhere.

Tests & Benchmarks

  • To run the test suite: cargo test
  • Always looking for more! (Submit a pull request)
  • To benchmark Primeval: cargo bench
  • Benchmarks prime number generation up to 1000000


  • [x] Rust Module/API
  • [ ] Cleaner UI/CLI
  • [ ] More SPEED!
  • [ ] Factorization
  • [ ] Larger number support
  • [ ] Heat death of the universe



Returns whether a given number is prime


Generate primes up to a given limit using the Seive of Eratorthenes Use Sieve_of_Eratosthenes for prime generation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieve_of_Eratosthenes)