Function pravega_client_retry::retry_sync::retry_sync[][src]

pub fn retry_sync<O, T, E>(
    retry_schedule: impl BackoffSchedule,
    operation: O
) -> Result<T, RetryError<E>> where
    O: FnMut() -> RetryResult<T, E>, 

Retry the given operation synchronously until it succeeds, or until the given Duration end. retry_schedule: The retry policy that has max retry times and retry delay. It can be used as follows: let retry_policy = RetryWithBackoff::default(); let mut collection = vec![1, 2].into_iter(); let res = retry_sync(retry_policy, || match { Some(n) if n == 3 => RetryResult::Success(n), Some(_) => RetryResult::Retry(SnafuError::Retryable), None => RetryResult::Fail(SnafuError::Nonretryable), });