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Package implement persistent array using a variant of rope data structure.

Fundamentally, it can be viewed as a binary-tree of array-blocks, where each leaf-node is a block of contiguous item of type T, while intermediate nodes only hold references to the child nodes, left and right. To be more precise, intermediate nodes in the tree are organised similar to rope structure, as a tuple of (weight, left, right) where weight is the sum of all items present in the leaf-nodes under the left-branch.

Here is a quick list of situation that might require using ppar.

  • When array size is too large with repeated insert and remove operation.
  • When shared ownership is required.
  • When shared ownership across concurrent threads.
  • To support undo/redo operation for array modifications.
  • When splitting up of array and/or joining arrays are frequently done.
  • Lazy clone of array using copy-on-write.

Ownership and Cloning

Cloning arc::Vector and rc::Vector is cheap, it creates a shared ownership of the underlying tree. This is great for applications requiring shared-ownership, but at the cost of copy-on-write for every mutation in the Vector, like insert, remove, delete. For applications requiring only single-ownership insert_mut, remove_mut, delete_mut gives better performance because the underlying tree is mutated in-place. To help decide what method to use when, methods that perform in-place mutation are suffixed with _mut.

Thread Safety

arc::Vector<T> is thread safe through Arc. To trade-off thread-safety for performance use rc::Vector type, which is same as arc::Vector type except for using std::rc::Rc instead of std::sync::Arc for shared ownership. That is, Send and Sync traits are not available for rc::Vector type while it is available for arc::Vector type.

Alternate libraries:



Module implement thread-safe persistent array.


Module implement persistent array, faster but not thread safe.



Error variants that can be returned by this package's API.



Leaf node shall not exceed this default size, refer [Vector::set_leaf_size] for optimal configuration.

Type Definitions


Type alias for Result return type, used by this package.