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posish provides efficient memory-safe and I/O-safe wrappers to “POSIX-ish” libc APIs and syscalls.

The wrappers perform the following tasks:

  • Error values are translated to Results.
  • Buffers are passed as Rust slices.
  • Out-parameters are presented as return values.
  • Path arguments use Arg, so they accept any string type.
  • File descriptors are passed and returned via AsFd and OwnedFd instead of bare integers, ensuring I/O safety.
  • Constants use enums and bitflags types.
  • Multiplexed functions (eg. fcntl, ioctl, etc.) are de-multiplexed.
  • Variadic functions (eg. openat, etc.) are presented as non-variadic.
  • Functions and types which need l prefixes or 64 suffixes to enable large-file support are used automatically, and file sizes and offsets are presented as i64 and u64.
  • Behaviors that depend on the sizes of C types like long are hidden.
  • In some places, more human-friendly and less historical-accident names are used.

Things they don’t do include:

  • Detecting whether functions are supported at runtime.
  • Hiding significant differences between platforms.
  • Restricting ambient authorities.
  • Imposing sandboxing features such as filesystem path or network address sandboxing.

See cap-std, system-interface, and io-streams for libraries which do hide significant differences between platforms, and cap-std which does perform sandboxing and restricts ambient authorities.


pub use io_lifetimes;


Filesystem operations.

I/O operations.

Network-related operations.

Filesystem path operations.

Process-associated operations.

Random-related operations.

Time-related operations.