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A portmanteau is a made up word derived as a combination of two other words, e.g. “liquid” + “slinky” = “liquinky”

It isn’t always possible to produce a portmanteau from the input words (there are some quality checks in place), so the exposed portmanteau function returns an Option<String>. This is currently the only function the crate exposes

This library’s initial implementation was largely inspired by the work of jamcowl’s portmanteau bot. The full implementation is not available in their repository and over time my implementation may differ from theirs in terms of approach and output (it already does in some cases)

Please do not hold myself (or any contributer to this repository) accountable for any derogatory words or slurs you are able to have this algorithm produce. There are no checks for bad language in place, and there are no plans to add any. It is not my (or any contributer’s) job to determine what is or isn’t offensive


This function creates a portmanteau of the two given words if possible