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This crate is a rustlang port of points-on-curve npm package written by @pshihn.

This package exposes functions to sample points on a bezier curve with certain tolerance. There is also a utility funtion to simplify the shape to use fewer points. This can really be useful when estimating lines/polygons for curves in WebGL or for Hit/Collision detections. Reverse of this operation is also supported meaning given some points generate bezier curve points passing through this points

📦 Cargo.toml

points_on_curve = "0.1"

🔧 Example

use euclid::{default, point2};
use points_on_curve::points_on_bezier_curves;

let input = vec![
    point2(70.0, 240.0),
    point2(145.0, 60.0),
    point2(275.0, 90.0),
    point2(300.0, 230.0),
let result_015 = points_on_bezier_curves(&input, 0.2, Some(0.15));

🖨️ Output

This picture shows computed points with 4 different distance values 0.15, 0.75, 1.5 and 3.0 with tolerance 2.0. tolerance


🔭 Examples

For more examples have a look at the examples folder.


pub use euclid;


Generates Bezier Curve parameters passing through given points
computes distance squared from a point p to the line segment vw
Adapted from
Samples points on a Bezier Curve. If distance parameter is given does simplification on sampled points and reduces number of points that represents given Bezier Curve.
Simplifies given points on curve by reducing number of points using Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm