Trait pnet_datalink::DataLinkSender [] [src]

pub trait DataLinkSender: Send {
    fn build_and_send(
        &mut self,
        num_packets: usize,
        packet_size: usize,
        func: &mut FnMut(&mut [u8])
    ) -> Option<Result<()>>;
fn send_to(
        &mut self,
        packet: &[u8],
        dst: Option<NetworkInterface>
    ) -> Option<Result<()>>; }

Trait to enable sending $packet packets

Required Methods

Create and send a number of packets

This will call func num_packets times. The function will be provided with a mutable packet to manipulate, which will then be sent. This allows packets to be built in-place, avoiding the copy required for send. If there is not sufficient capacity in the buffer, None will be returned.

Send a packet

This may require an additional copy compared to build_and_send, depending on the operating system being used. The second parameter is currently ignored, however None should be passed.