pub use wanimage::WanImage;



Contain all the Animation, as well as all the animation group (a.k.a animation table in ppmdu sprite editor). Animation group are a list of Animation. An animation group usually have 8 entry, one per rotation of the monster.

An Animation is a set of AnimationFrame, that will be played one after the other, and that would loop most of the time. The duration between an AnimationFrame and the next one is contained in the AnimationFrame

A single frame of an crate::Animation

A MetaFrame may reference an crate::ImageBytes, that will form a single (or all if small enought) part of an crate::MetaFrameGroup

A single frame of animation

Size of an [Image] (computed from [MetaFrame])



Take the raw encoded image (from an ImageBytes), and decode them into a list of pixels