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This crate allow you to read Sir0 file, used on pokemon mystery dungeon on nintendo 3DS.

The Sir0 file contain a list of pointer to various part in the file.


A Sir0 file, used in pokémon mystery dungeon on 3ds and DS (only tested with the 3ds version) A Sir0 file contain a file, but have pointer to them.


List all possible error that Sir0 can return

An error that occured while writing a sir0 footer


Write a sir0 footer, pointing to the various element in the list. The element of the list is based on the posititon since the start of the file. For a normal Sir0 file, the first 2 element should be [4, 8]

write the sir0 header at the current position of the file. It should be written at the beggining of the file, but require to know the header and offset list offset.